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  • The Day I Met Bastian Schweinsteiger

    So here’s what happened on my first day in Doha. We reached Aspire Academy(FC Bayern training camp) around 4.45 pm. The place was really huge. There were like 18635715675417 fields on that place so we had to search the entire place until we found the right one. Nobody was there yet, it was just us. We were told that the training would starts at 5.00. We then waited for a few hours until about 7.00 pm I saw orange shirts entering the field. And one of them was the person I was most look forward to see my whole life, it was Basti. He was talking to the person next to him (which I don’t know who because I was focusing on Basti the whole time). I couldn’t believe he was really there, right in front of my very own eyes. And then came the others.
    Then the training started. It was very loud. Basti kept calling Mario and Thomas, he wanted them to pass him the ball. He sounded exactly the same as I heard from tv/videos. Thomas, he can’t shut his mouth (but of course we all know that), he was constantly shouting to everyone, even that day on the friendly match he was still shouting. He sounded differently, not exactly the same like I heard on tv/videos. I stood about 1-2 feets away from Thomas and Mario. I saw Shaq, he was really small, as small as I am. :) A few moments later, Basti talked to Thomas, and I was right behind Thomas. I kept calling his name “Basti, Basti” and I waved. But he ignored me. LOL. I kept trying but nothing worked xD And then training ended. Franck was the first one to leave the pitch. And then Mario and followed by the others. I tried to chase Mario, I wanted his autoraph but he was too fast, and I have short legs. So I failed. xD Then came Thomas. The security didn’t allow us to take their autograph nor stand close to them. Someone called Thomas’s name, he said Hi. Next to leave the training were Javi and Papa Jupp. Some of the fans got the chance to take pictures with them. Basti was one of the last person to leave the pitch. I was waiting for him patiently. Then I saw him walking towards the area I was standing on. Everyone was running, asking for his autograph but he totally ignored them xD He was closing in, I stood still, watching him. The next thing I remember, he was there, right in front of my eyes, 1 inch away from me.Then I shouted really loud,"Basti, This is for you!" I handed him a present, that tiny little thing he was holding in the photo above. He stopped and looked at me, while he was taking it from me, his hand touched mine. HE TOUCHED MY HAND! Then he smiled and said “Oh thank you, you are so good!”
    I was totally frozen. I didn’t say anything at all, I had the chance to talk to him but my lips were sealed. And then he put his hand on my back. HE PUT HIS BEAUTIFUL HAND ON MY BACK! I can still feel the warmth of his hand. And then we start talking for a while. He knows my name, where I came from and he knows I flew thousand miles just to see him. Then when he was about to leave, I asked him, “Basti, can I take your picture please” He stopped and posed in front of me. And then I said “danke Basti, alles gute” He left me there. stunned! And suddenly everyone ran towards him and took pictures with him. But I don’t care about them. I got what I always wanted. idk, it was magical. I can’t describe it with words. It was something that I will never ever forget. Something to hold on to. Something that can makes me smile for the rest on my life. That was the best thing that have ever happened to me. I'd never trade the experience for anything. Basti is not just a great footballer but also one the most amazing person I have ever meet. Thank you for making me the happiest person on earth, thank you for everything Bastian Schweinsteiger.
  • The Day I Met Manuel Neuer

    I was supposed to be at Basti’s autograph session that afternoon but no one knew where it was. -.- Luckily for me, I met him. I wanted to be sure it was really him so I asked “Are you Manuel Neuer” LOL And he answered “Yes”. Then he greeted my mum. That was very polite of him :) So I asked for his autograph. I also took a picture with him. Then I asked Manu whether he could wave at the camera, and he did. He was very sweet.. :)
  • The Final Day

    I was at the FC Bayern-Schalke’s match on 8th January 2013. When the match ended, I went straight to the team’s bus. I saw Basti getting on the bus, he sat beside Manu, next to the window. I kept waving at him but he didn’t look out of the window, he didn’t notice me at first. So I took out this banner hoping that he would notice me. And he did. He looked at me. I waved and he waved back at me. :) I waited until the bus took off. That was and would be the last time I saw him. I really hope he’ll remember me forever and that he’ll keeps my present. Even if he throws it away, I hope he’ll remember my name or at least my face. He's the most amazing person I have ever met. Thanks for the memories FC Bayern, thanks for the memories Bastian Schweinsteiger.
  • Photos & Autographs

    • These are some of the photos and autographs I took in Doha. I took photos with Emre twice, he was so kind. I've been his fan since then. But now he's a Bayer Leverkusen's player, I miss him but I look forward to see him in Bayern jersey again someday :)

    • Well, I'd never thought that this day would come. I've been dreaming of this day since 10-11 years ago. I wanted to hug him but I'm afraid he might think I'm a crazy fans and run away LOL so I behaved well. It was really hard to get a photo with him at first, after the training he went straight to eat his lunch, he didn't even stop for autograph. I had to wait for about 1-2 hours (I think), some of the fan had already left but I was waiting patiently. When I saw him walking out of that place (where he ate his lunch), I couldn't wait for another second, I ran towards him, took a photo with him.

    • This photo was taken on my second day in Doha. I was lucky because I was the only one there, I got a handshake, a video, 2 autographs and a photo. And this great guy also greeted my mum :)

    • Thomas and me.

    • Franck and me.

    • Papa Jupp & Emre were the kindest people there. I got a hug from Papa Jupp, he was so nice to me. Unlike others who mostly tried to escape the crazy fans, he was posing willingly for the photo. All I had to do was called out his name once and believe me I had to chase & screamed the other players names multiple times just to take a photo with them. That's one of the reason why he is and always be my first and only favorite coach. I miss him. :(

    • Captain Philipp and me.

    • Rafa and me.

    • Basti's autograph.

    • The boys's autograph.

    • Got this autograph from Mario.

    • This autograph was from Manu.

    • The boys's autograph.

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